Just a simple Photograph… or photographic interventions are my self-expression - camera and computer are my tools. My vision and creation begin when I capture a moment using my camera, and my interpretation begins with the captured image.

I make the decision to keep an original photo as is, to exclude or add elements to an image composition, in order to supplement or enhance the reality and reinforce the message that the image conveys.

In addition to using a photo without any alteration, I can also use a process that involves a lot of research and experimentation with digital tools. The artistic effects in my photos fulfill my vision, which is some of what I find so exciting and challenging when I work.

I answer directly to the environment using everyday reality as a starting point. These scenes are often framed in cases that go unnoticed in its original context. My work explores the issues of life.

I love the capabilities and endless possibilities for photographs. I try to produce unique pieces of art that evoke emotion in the viewer, and make them question their sense of the world by how they live in it. My goal is to evolve the emotions that allow us to travel to multiple dimensions of imagination.

My Photography is an expression of concept with creative possibilities.

Feel free to contact me art@isafowler.com


  • CA 101 - Redondo Beach, Los Angeles Los Angeles
  • POA Power of Art - Redondo Beach, Los Angeles
  • South Bay Focus - TAM Torrance Art Musem
  • Art Fusion Color - Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles
  • Love and Other Considerations – San Pedro, Los Angeles
  • TAG Gallery of Fine Art - Torrance, Los Angeles
  • 2013 Juried Redondo Beach Art Group - San Pedro, Los Angeles
  • 10th Festival International da Image Fotográfica, Atibaia, São Paulo, Brazil
  • California Open Photo Show and International Portrait Show - San Pedro, Los Angeles
  • Urban Stories - West Los Angeles Municipal Building Gallery, Los Angeles
  • Boundary Behavior - Upstairs at the Market Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles